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The community will benefit from fitness and boxing through a common interest whilst building confidence, self-esteem, discipline and life skills. The role of sport in nurturing both physical and emotional health has long been recognised; more recently the therapeutic nature of boxing training has been reappraised as a strong route to individual and collective development. In addition, the evidence is overwhelming that boxing is particularly powerful in engaging the most vulnerable and marginalised groups in society,
and in reducing crime and reoffending.
Skemers Gym has been providing this service for over a decade and now we are
developing our enterprise to become a vibrant service for all members of the community welcoming everyone, and offering involvement and participation in boxing, fitness and our anti-bullying programmes in many recreational and sporting forms.

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Hear It From the People Who Know Best

I trained with Skemer at his gym for about 4 years!! The guy is bloody amazing. He trained me to build up my confidence in day to day life and I'm not brilliant with socialising. I wasn't able to compete because of my special needs but he allowed me to spar because he knew I could do it.
Give this man a medal!!

Skemer doesn’t just teach these kids boxing he teaches them how to be part of a team and to have pride in their achievements. They arrive often scared and a victim of bullying and leave with their heads held high knowing that they have a safe and secure place to go and feel that they people who have their backs. To skemer this isn’t just a job it’s a passion and something he’s completely committed to !!

Dan Sumser

Katrina Hazell-Russell

“Skemer is really good with the kids, he treats them like his own. I have been bringing my son and my little brother here for nearly 2 years now, it keeps them off the streets on the night time. My son has ADHD and autism so it's brilliant for him here, he really likes it here and he’s focused on it because he really enjoys it.”

This is great. I use to go up to the old one as well, now and again, to the ladies group, and he’s got other groups now. He’s going to do a bit more, like MuThai and stuff like that so it's great. It's really good for kids to have a place, and there are some new ones I haven’t seen before here, you know, it’s a new thing they all want to see, but hopefully, more will want to stay.

Emma Revell

Vicky Hosken

My 10 year old son has been coming to the boxing gym for a year and a half. It brings his confidence out, he does other activities as well but this brings the best out of him. He’s around other children, it’s a good atmosphere here. It’s a really good project because it gets the kids off the streets and gets them active.

I was getting bullied at school and he started training me at Empire Boxing Gym in St Pauls and he use to help out a lot with kids down there and I followed him wherever he went after that. The people I was mixing with, being a part of a gym, in general, just the community, made me more confident, not even physically, just mentally. Stronger do you know what I mean? This just really helps with that.

David Greydon

Tom Stanley

I’ve been training with Skemers for a few years, I’ve had 1 little match and I enjoy it. It's having a good impact on the community because I like to bring my children here. I know in an ideal world you wouldn’t want your children to fight but this isn’t an ideal world nowadays. I didn’t really have anywhere to go with my kids but this our little time when we come down here. I think the community can benefit from it greatly.

I’ve been training with Skemers for about 6 to 7 years, I joined because I was going through a bad spell after losing my mum. The atmosphere here has helped because everyone comes in and leave problems out the door, just punching a bag helps release a lot of stress and it helps with staying fit, mind and body. Skemers is an absolute legend, he gives the kids something to look forward to rather than wandering the streets or playing on Xbox or PlayStation.

Alistair Adamson

Luke Bryan

I have been training with Skemers for 4 years now. I love boxing and this will help us a lot. It's a good thing for us.

Kyle Maddox

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