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Safeguarding Notice

Official notification to parents, carers and guardians associated with Skemers ABC registered with Bristol City Council and affiliated to the ABA of England.

We have been given notification in regards to the safeguarding and child protection policy for guidance of the gym, training and premises.

As part of our own child protection policy and that of Bristol City Council it has been brought to our attention that any person/s other than boxers or coaches, committee members and registered volunteers (DBS) are not permitted to remain in the gym during training or allowed to photograph or film any persons.

We must ensure this club complies with all safeguarding rules and ensure that we fall within the law for our children and young people.

Our committee has issued this notification to keep in-line with all policies and regulations to support this we have attached our Safeguarding and Child protection policy which will be displayed in the gym in compliance.  We ask for your compliance in this matter and request that parents, carers and guardians are not permitted to remain in the gym during training.  The club is due a gym inspection from the local authority as part of our development program and anti-bully work in Knowle.  

We are able to allow a drop off and pick-up 10 minutes before the session starts and finishes only any other times will be in breach of policies, we also ask for your care, attention and safety when dropping off and parking outside the gym please.

If any person associated with a boxer who wishes to remain in the sessions during training must apply for an enhanced DBS and register as a volunteer with our Governing body the Amateur Boxing Alliance CIC England and complete a First-Aid course (fees will apply).    

We do our utmost duty to ensure we provide a safe training environment and comply with all safeguarding, child protection and health and safety polices, your co-operation will allow us to continue to deliver training to children and other agencies as part of our community provisions.

This notification comes into effect from Monday 4th July 2022.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Kind regards  

Skemers ABC committee

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